Trump’s All-Too-Familiar Defense Strategy

In a recent interview on Philadelphia’s KYW NewsRadio, newly hired Trump impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor previewed the following defense for his client’s upcoming Senate trial: “The president deplores the violence at the Capitol, and those people should be punished, aggressively, as I would have done as if I was the…

The Short-Term Strategy of Donald Trump


From his hush money payments to pornstars to his still-unfulfilled promise to release his tax returns, Donald Trump has time-and-again revealed himself to be a politician without scruples or shame. His seemingly natural inclination to say and do anything in the name of self-preservation or promotion has been considerably refined…

Dave Buckner, PhD

Adjunct Professor of History, Humanities, & Philosophy at A-B Tech Community College, Northeast State Community College, and Mountain Empire Community College.

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